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Shirlene Wood

Shirlene Wood
Shirlene Wood
Employed Since: 3/15/2020
0 Years Experience At School

Shirlene grew up in Washington state, in a bilingual, homeschooling family.  She traveled often to Colombia and Mexico with her family and quickly developed a love for other cultures, foods, languages and people.  Most of her elementary and middle school years she was homeschooled, after which she attended public high school and went on to become a Registered Nurse.  

Shirlene and her husband Bobby were married in 1999 and have three children: Ellie (2003), Isabella (2006) and Ethan (2010).  In 2012 the Lord called them to serve an indigenous people group on a remote, off grid island in Panama, where they lived (and homeschooled) for nearly 7 years.  They ran a small, free medical clinic, hosted individuals, groups, and families, who served the local communities through various clean water, health, sanitation projects and children’s programs.  It was life changing for the whole family.  

In January of 2019 they moved back to the US, landing in Fort Worth and that fall all three kids were enrolled in various classes here at Science, Etc.  It has been a big adjustment being back in the U.S., but they are grateful for the wonderful people they have met through the Science, Etc. community and Shirlene is excited to meet more families through her Spanish classes this year.